7 Habits Of The Rich & Wealthy

We Are All Just Human
So How Can 2 People Grow Up In The Same Country, The Town Even And Turn Out So Different?

How Is It Possible For One Family Member To Become Wealthy, Happy & Healthy, While The Other Can Live In Poverty, Depression, & Illness? 7 Habits Of The Rich & Wealthy

It Is True That We All Have Different Life Experiences, We All Have Amazing Experiences And We All Have Struggles, But What Keeps People From Success In Life And Business?

Sometimes In Life Success Comes From Things We DON’T Do…..For Example:

When Was The Last Time You Saw The Wealthy Smoking?

Do You Really Think Oprah Winfrey And Robert Kiyosaki Watch 3 Or More Hours Of TV Every Night?

Do You Think That Albert Einstein And Thomas Edison Spent More Time Talking About What OTHER People Were Doing Or Talking About IDEAS?

Is Easy To Look At Someone Else And See What They Can Improve On But, Most People Don’t Even Realize THEIR HABITS. That Is The Difference, The First Step Is To Become Aware And Start By Making A Few Small Changes.

Below Are 7 Habits Of The Rich. Ask Yourself, What Change Can I make Starting Today……..

7 Habits Of The Rich

*Defined Goals: Ask The Rich And Wealthy What Their Future Plans Are And They Can Tell You EXACTLY What Their Goals Are. They Have A Habit Of Making Goals And Achieving Them!

 7 Habits Of The Rich & Wealthy*Healthy Habits:‎”Decamillionaires, those with a net worth of $10 million or more, have the highest incidence of regular exercise”~The Millionaire Mind

*Live Beneath Your Means: This Means Looking Poorer Than You Actually Are. If You Make $150,000 Annually, Live Off Of $110,000. The Wealthy Understand This Concept Greatly.

*Act Like You Are Already Wealthy: Why? This Is So Important To Understand….MINDSET! Whatever Your Financial Goals Are, Whether You Are Already Wealthy Or Striving To Be So, Having The Mindset Of Where You Want To Be Is KEY To Success. Wealthy people believe, “I create my life.” Poor people believe, “Life happens to me.”

*Financial Education: The Wealthy And Rich Know And Understand How Money Works. What To Spend Money On, And What NOT To Spend Money On. Money Is Simply A Tool.

If You Havn’t Already Done So You Must Read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” And “Cashflow Quadrant” By Robert Kiyosaki

*Millionaires Network: Millionaires Understand That Networks Make You Rich, It Takes A Team To Build An Empire. There Is No Such Thing As A “Self Made Millionaire”.

*Constant Growth: The Wealthy Are HUNGRY For Knowledge. They Take The Time To Learn Things That Most People Won’t

 7 Habits Of The Rich & Wealthy

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